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Melbourne Furnished Accommodation Royal Stay offers fully furnished accommodation as Short Term Rentals Melbourne apartments. If you require Short Term Accommodation in Melbourne for travel, tourism, business or any other accommodation, royal site can assist you.

Short-term Fully Furnished Accommodation apartments are from 7 nights to 90 nights that is 3 months. After that, it will be classed as medium term stay while long-term stay can start from 6 months.

We at Royal Stay specialize in providing apartments on rent for short term, medium term and long term stay to tourists & travelers. The apartments we provide are fully furnished in every nature with stylish architecture.

Moreover, the price for Short Term Furnished Accommodation is affordable and within the reach of potential travelers.

You can find apartments on Royal Stay by searching for the apartment of your taste and submitting its application.

Customers can also book Short Term Furnished Accommodation online using secure booking methods and trusted accounts for royal stay.

What will you get in Short-term rental Melbourne Furnished Accommodation?

Usually, the property is provided fully furnished to rentals. All utilities are mostly included depending on the agreement between both the parties.

For short term rental apartments, utilities include gas, electricity & water. Telephone connections, cable TV, internet and extra accessories might not be included.

How to extend your stay in short Term Accommodation In Melbourne?

An agreement stating Short Term Apartments Melbourne is used between both the parties for a short-term Fully Furnished Accommodation. The booking terms normally allow extension based on availability.

Nevertheless, to be sure: Include the right to extend if you feel that the stay might extend depending on the scenario.

However, service apartments are more flexible in case of extension because they are in the same building or a location.
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