weekly stays in Melbourne


Make your weekly stays in Melbourne count 

Melbourne, located in the state of Victoria, it stands to be the second largest and most populous city in Australia. This city is also ranked to be among the most diverse cities in the world, overflowing with pulsating values, wealth of antiquity, commerce, entertainment, spirit of creativity, proficient services, tourism and transport to rival other cities. With all these characteristics, I can describe Melbourne as “The Big Smoke” since it enjoys thousands of international visitors every year. Yeah, that’s right; I am talking about international tourists alone: this is more than many other cities on the planet! For me, the weekly stays in Melbourne will not be enough but to cater for people who would love to spend such a short period, the city has cheap rental apartments.

Am sure you now feel like you should be in Melbourne city. Different people opt to stay here for varied number of days, mainly depending on the purpose of the visit or the size of their budget. Don’t be worried anymore. Melbourne will accommodate all your needs and make you feel home.

For weekly stays in Melbourne, fully furnished apartments would work well. This way, you are able to spend very little money and get first class services that are second to none. For corporate, you have added advantage as you will be able to get the quiet environment you need when carrying out your business meetings and calls. Strong internet is also provided for you. 

Instead of spending your weekly stays in Melbourne in hotels, you can save a lot of money by simply renting an apartment. They only cost about $99 a night. 

Be wise and make your short visit a memorable one. Definitely you will want to come back again!

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